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When you think of friends, who comes to mind? I once had a new friend tell me…

“The world is full of friends we haven’t met yet!”

He has since passed, but those words ring true everyday. In the pub, at the beach front restaurant, or the hotel bar where I stop for a nightcap. I have found that just about everyone enjoys a good conversation over food and drink. We should all relish in the joy of meeting new friends and reconnecting with those that have been out living their life. Sometimes a friendly “hi” is all it takes.

Look around, engage with someone near you, by just saying “hi”.Learn More



What is fun? Do you have a little fun each day? Maybe, a lot of fun each day?

I know, life is a balance of work, play, responsibilities, joys, sadness, ups, downs, rights, lefts, loves, and hates.

Everyday, find a little Happiness, Joy, & Laughter. Share it with those around you and make it the point of your day, everyday!Learn More


Happiness, Joy & Laughter

No one has all the answers. Someone once told me “I am looking for that one person, the messiah who would make everything better”. I thought of that for a bit and decided that change is up to all of us and things will only get better as we learn to communicate better.

I get it, life isn’t always fair. In fact, life isn’t supposed to be fair, it’s supposed to be balanced. To me, that means, sometimes things will be good and sometimes they won’t. When they are good, enjoy! When they are not…


Next Steps…

Join us, follow us, be part of the conversation!

Life is about choices, whichever choice you make, is yours to make. I know we don’t always make the right or the best choices, but each of those choices is what makes us who we are.

You be you! I don’t know who really said that first, but is so true! Join, Follow, Communicate